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Fire Alarms

Keep your family or employees safe from fire.

Nobody wants to think about a fire destroying their property.

You shouldn’t have to worry about an emergency threatening the safety of your home, business, or loved ones.

And if you have a fire at home or the office, the last thing you need is an alarm that doesn’t work, or a slow response from your security provider.

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We’re here for you — before and during an emergency.

Whether you need a fire alarm or sprinkler for your home or company, our team of experts will install and monitor your alarm so you can effectively protect your property.

In the event of an emergency, the alarm will alert your employees or family to exit safely while we dispatch the fire department immediately.

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Our fire alarm systems and monitoring feature:

NICET certification
Service without monthly or hidden fees
Compliance with NFPA fire codes and inspections
Local dispatch in the event of an emergency
And more
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Protect your family or employees

with a fire alarm you can count on.